For this week’s fan talent, we will be going in a different direction. We will look at a very talented drawer on YouTube called Drawholic. She is Korean artist who loves to draw different types of people and characters. Her work does include drawing Korean idols and it looks like the real thing. She also draws other characters too. You are spoiled for choice.  It is very realistic.

She is not professional drawer however, the she uses special pens for drawing. They are from the prismacolor range. They are the best pens for drawing. She films herself drawing and typically piece of drawing take roughly 6 hours.

Here is some of her work below:

BTS : V (Tae Hyung) – Coloured pencil drawing 

워너원 Wanna One: 강다니엘 Kang Daniel

TWICE: Momo 모모 – Coloured pencil drawing

Her work is amazing and the time and effort she puts into drawing is really inspiring. Check out her YouTube channel to see more of her work.

Also, she has a Facebook and Instagram. Please follow her and support her in her work.


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