Cube’s resident co-ed sub-unit group has been teasing their comeback for a couple of weeks now and they’ve made their return yesterday on July 18 with ‘REtro Futurism‘. We’ll be looking at the title track of their 2nd EP ‘Retro Future’.

K-Pop groups such as EXID have also been dabbling with songs that doesn’t necessarily follow along with the trends of mainstream music, take the girl group’s latest song ‘Lady‘ for instance. Granted, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it provides a refreshing throwback to the era when this old-school 80’s music was the hailed trend. ‘Retro Future’ brings along a nolgastic sense with a featuring sample of the song ‘The Message‘ by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five.

The trio, consisting of veteran soloist Hyuna and Pentagon’s Hui and E’Dawn, have remained consistent with the retro concepts of the Triple H and they certainly pull it off quite well. They incorporate their own modern twist on the catchy title track which easily has the potential to turn into a earworm song after a handful of listens. It’s a unique set-up that these three artists have, it may not have been the subunit that people expected when their debut was announced last year but it’s always interesting to see what they’ve conjured up to their audience.

Hyuna has build up a career of having a natural sexy aura and to see that kind of persona put on by Hui and E’Dawn almost makes us pause for a second, especially if you’re only familiar with their boy-next-door images in Pentagon. It’s great to see that she had taken them under her wing to help guide the boys as well as seeing her back promoting in a group. With this M/V, it’s an instant visual overload and a step up from last M/V of ‘365 Fresh‘. It almost like someone’s sexual fantasy had been brought to life. Although it’s pretty out there for a Korean pop music video, it could still be considered relatively mild by Western standards but it opens up the conversation about sexuality. It could be interpreted to normalise open, polyamorous relationships which is a regarded as a taboo in many societies.

The first impression that we had from spotting the masks from the beginning almost gave a horror movie feeling, it seemed like they were creating a different perspective from the 2008 film ‘The Strangers‘. And while the trio do invade a couple’s house, rather than inducing a frightening environment, they bring along the party. And the pair don’t seem to need much convincing to participate in the general antics either. It can be appreciated that the environment and setting that Triple H represents is freedom and an allowance for boundaries to be tested.

What did you think of Triple H’s latest comeback?


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