Things are hotting up with the rush of summer hits being released over the past month. We have fun little bops, pop-infused tracks but there has been one thing missing; some sensual spice and we can thank the lovely ladies of MAMAMOO for bringing it to us with their new comeback, “Egotistic”.

The track is perfect for the summer and follows in the line of the current Latin-Pop trend taking over the industry. You can deny the concept production when one member is accompanied by a musical playing the Spanish inspired melody and several references to Latin guitars in various scenes – specifically with Moonbyul’s. Overall, the music video production itself has no ultimate story but it is a sensual delight of the girls showcasing their own confidence and taking the heat to the next level. In comparison to their last “sexy” concept in “Delcacomanie”, it seems to be infused with the summer vibes from their last single. “Starry Night”. However, this time is different. The energy is fill to the brim with each member showing their own confidence without relying on the usual tactics of baring skin. If anything, the outfits reveal just enough to enhance the sexiness the group naturally holds; from swimsuits, tropical patterns and fitted feminine suits.

Overall, there may not be much to break down in terms of the video itself. If anything, it is to showcase MAMAMOO’s fierce energy. However, that shouldn’t stop us from linking up the dots and pick out what little motifs stand out the most in terms of association to the song itself or the concept of the group’s album; “Red Moon”.

The first makes a very brief appearance throughout the video but it is the titular Red Moon which Moonbyul sits on. Immediately, there may be themes of passion but if looking into the lyrics of the song. A Red Moon – or more known as a Blood Moon – is what is known as a “total lunar eclipse” which only happens when a supermoon is present. The eclipse brings forth beginnings, clean slates and ultimately endings. In a spiritual sense, this can be the perfect time to make a choice; which can include breaking of a relationship with someone when it is clearly not working out. “Egotistic” does voice frustrations and anger towards someone who is self-centred and ultimately brings forth the abrupt end of their relationship. We will never know exactly the relevance behind the moon’s appearance in the video, but with the video beginning with it shining in a tearful eye; maybe it is a sign of strength and brings what is needed to make all of MAMAMOO the strong women they portray.

Each member finds their own said strength in their own way; Solar harnessing her inner goddess in pole dancing, Hwasa flaunts her figure in a sensual manner and also poses with a tiger – maybe proving that she is harnessing her inner “animal”, Moonbyul blooms from her usual suited fashion to a beautiful style and showcasing her own femininity and finally, Wheein sets fire to her past – in this case, a guitar which may have belonged to the jilted lover they are letting go. Either way, it may be more than just a chance of eye candy for the fans. A woman confident in their own skin can be seen as naturally sexy and with letting the ties of love go, they can be much stronger and their passion can burn – maybe similar to a tiger or the fire that burns around the group.

Bear in mind; this is only a few little elements broken down in multiple ways to something that may not appear obvious in the video itself but can bring so much understanding to the overall concept planned by RBW Entertainment and portrayed beautifully by MAMAMOO. They are well and truly known for their “girl crush” style, admired by female fans alike and this is just another perfect example for the summer and further cements their blunt, confident and passionate form as performers and females.

If you have not witnessed the “Red Moon” of MAMAMOO’s comeback, their new mini-album is now available to buy on iTunes and to stream on Spotify.


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