Summer has hardly begun and we have already been enjoying some of the warmest weather on record. It seems that this selection of K-Pop releases are designed to keep us in that hot summer mood!

MAMAMOO – ‘Egotistic’ MV
Released: 16/07/2018

The ladies of MAMAMOO have fully embraced the hot summer vibe with this latin-esque track. The Spanish guitar is accompanied by a solid beat, meaning you can still jam to it like many another K-Pop tracks worth their club night salt.

The girls are fierce and yet, full of a subtle, dark attitude – a refreshing difference if you are not a fan of cutesy Korean girl groups. At the same time, they are able to show a sexiness without looking like they are trying too hard.

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VARSITY – ‘Flower’ MV
Released: 16/07/2018

This track is packed with a sweeping synth-trance kind of beat and a thumping bass that cannot be ignored! Despite debuting back in January last year, this group managed to pass me by. They have a slightly experimental flavour to them that reminds me of what you can get from many SMTOWN artists. If you, like me, have yet to sample the works of VARSITY – give this one a go.

CHUNG HA – ‘Love U’ MV
Released: 16/07/2018

Former I.O.I member Chung Ha gives us another top summer bop here (why do I write like this?!) This track reminds me of the sort of thing the British band Clean Bandit would produce, so if you are a fan of their music, you might like this one too. This song would certainly be at home on the UK Top 40…if, you know, people could get over the fact that it was in a language other than English…

GFRIEND – ‘Sunny Summer’ MV
Released: 18/07/2018

GFRIEND are maintaining their well-known innocent and cute image for this release. It is bright, silly and fun. This really encapsulates the ideal summer season – having fun with your friends and smiling all the while. The track is also very infectious, so even if you don’t like it, you will probably be singing ‘Hey, sunny summer!’ after just one listen to the chorus – I know I am.

Released: 18/07/2018

Now, if you want something really different, you must check out TRIPLE H! This track gives a real funk with a strange vibe that reminds me slightly of British band ‘The Cure’. This trio are really pushing the boat out and aim to give you something unusual that will stick in your mind. With a sample of the song ‘The Message‘ by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, it is jazzy, weird, and unashamedly bold.

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