The boys are back after 9 months of their last release! It has been a difficult time for the group, due to the complications regarding their agency, Fantagio. Fortunately, we are glad to hear that they have returned since their previous release in November 2017, Dream Part.02. Their title track, Crazy, Sexy, Cool was their last release before the fiascos, which caused the delay for their comeback.  ASTRO recently released their track, Always You which is their title track for EP, Rise Up. However, the group will not be promoting this EP on music shows as it is said to be a gift, a special album dedicated to the fans. For now, let’s check out ASTRO’s new release, Always You!

When thinking about ASTRO and their style for music, you’d usually expect they would go for an upbeat and bubbly vibe for their music. Especially as a summer track, the group are known for their vibrant synth-pop genre. But little did we know, the group opted for something different, something which is unlike their previous releases. This time, ASTRO has edged towards the EDM genre. The vocals are prominent, showcasing the members’ abilities, whilst underlining the compassion yet sorrow of the lyrics. To describe the vocals overall, they are airy and additionally echoey until the chorus approaches.

The chorus is distinctively the most impactful. Excluding the powerful belt by one of the ASTRO members coming to the final chorus, it is the most prominent feature of the song as it should be. The chorus is accompanied by strengthened vocals of the members which are timed to the drop of the beats. To describe it, like a push and pull effect. In a way, it can be seen as a representational cry of their feelings. It’s not just demonstrating their vocals, it is showcasing the meaning behind their words. Indeed, it is rather refreshing. Without layering too many beats over the composition, the minimalistic take on the track gives a suitable amount of variation. For example, the raps which vary in pace have minimal backing, whilst the chorus layers more synth beats. The EDM genre is more prominent in the chorus than in other parts of the song.

‘Always You’ was composed by the likes of Duble Sidekick who have produced music for the likes of SISTAR, 2PM, MBLAQ, Mamamoo and more.

As for the music video, in comparison to the group’s previous concepts, it seems that the group has begun to opt for a more mature concept for each release. Already within the first few seconds of the music video, we can sense that this isn’t gonna be the happiest of tracks. Already lighting is showcased as a key aspect to their concept. The lighting goes transitions from light to dark in each of the consecutive scenes, with the overall lighting emulating the lyrics conveyed.

The music video is aesthetically pleasing, with the cinematography carefully structured. The pacing of the video accompanies the pacing of the track. Its intriguing to see the colour schemes used in the video. It varies from a pastel scheme to much darker tones such as purple and black. The setting in terms of colour generally follows a block colour scheme, with one or two colours at once.

For the choreography of the music video, this is seen predominately in the chorus. However, it’s not all the members which are performing it. It will either differentiate between individual members performing the choreography in solo shots, or the trio of the group performing during the chorus. The choreography is flawless yet powerful which aligns well with the song. Watching the trio perform the dance during the chorus, their choice of wearing only black and white accentuates the simplistic outlook of the MV design. It also correlates well with their concept style which focuses on lighting.

What did you think of ASTRO’s latest comeback? The emotive track provides a new outlook to ASTRO’s typical style. Check it out now below!


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