Starship’s WJSN (Cosmic Girls) is fast becoming known for their concepts involving space and the cosmos. This time is no different. Released 19th September, Save Me, Save You pairs dream-like vocals and incredible cinematography.

With Save Me, Save You, WJSN steps back onto the delicate synth fantasy sound that they’re most known and loved for.

While this is a softer sound than Secret or I Wish, it’s also more modern in the way that it borrows trends that are currently mainstream. The principal feature being the contrast between pace and melody between the verses and the chorus. Think NCT Dream’s We Young but on a much smaller scale.

The chorus of Save Me, Save You deviates most from the sound we get from the outset. It’s much closer to the sound of early 2010s K-POP than to WJSN’s futuristic pop vibe.

It’s recognisably a WJSN sound, even while being gentle and serene. But Save Me, Save You also lacks the usual punch and fervour of excitement of WJSN’s title tracks.

This time around, WJSN came back sans Chinese members Cheng Xiao, and also Meiqi and Xuan Yi – both of whom are busy promoting in the Chinese Produce 101 spin-off winning group, Rocket Girls.

But the dancing composition still remains tight. WJSN is one of the top-tier girl groups when it comes to choreography. Especially in terms of choreography that is beautifully demonstrated with their stage costumes.

Save me, Save you is a visual feast. The video features mottled pink, blue, and purple skies regularly featured in the girls’ music videos. There are so many beautiful elements. Like dancing under the dark, aurora-lit sky and the front line of members in all white making way for three members all in black, that are really memorable.

The drawback is that the video, in all its glory, takes the shine away from the understated, pared-back song.

In the face of WJSN’s stellar discography, it seems a little lacklustre. But Save Me, Save You is still a very interesting track, both in melody and in instrumental, and it can stand on its own.

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