SHINee’s Key will be releasing his first full solo album, Face, next week. The album launch is hot on the heels of his latest release with Soyou, Forever Yours.

Key, aka Kim Kibum, first debuted in 2008 with SM Entertainment’s boy band SHINee. He joined the company as a trainee after taking part in an audition roadshow in 2006. Alongside his successful SHINee songwriting and performing, he has performed in live musical roles, and formed a cross-band subunit with Nam Woohyun from Infinite, called Toheart.

He’s also appeared on a wide variety of shows, including We Got Married, where he was paired with a Japanese model. Earlier this year Key also did a collab with Years & Years, singing both Korean and English verses that he wrote for their remix of If You’re Over Me.

Key is known for his keen fashion sense, and he’s both modelled and collaborated with famous fashion names to create clothing and accessory ranges. As one of SM’s fashion designers, he’s styled SHINee’s stage outfits for about three years. It’s about time this stylish and popular idol spread his solo wings.

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