It’s a boyband all-out attack for this week’s schedule of music releases with comebacks from D-Crunch, BTOB and Hotshot! Girl group Aqua also make their gaming inspired debut with “Log In” as well. Take a look at their promoted music videos below for this week’s release roundup:

D-CRUNCH – Stealer

Release date: 12th November
Taken from: M1112 (4 Colors) – EP (released on same day)

BTOB – Beautiful Pain (아름답고도 아프구나) [It’s Beautiful and Painful]

Release date: 12th November
Taken from: Hour Moment – EP (released on same day)

HOTSHOT – I Hate You

Release date:15th November
Taken from: Early Flowering – EP (released on same day)

AQUA – Log In

Release date: 16th November
Taken from: Log In – Single (released on same day)



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