Time to jet to a galaxy far away as the Wonder Girl is back for another dose of retro! Yubin made her first solo comeback in late November with “Thank You Soooo Much” and she is continuing from the neon-infused beauty of “Lady” with a 80s Disco twist.

It is almost inevitable that with the Disco theme, that Yubin would be kicking it up a notch. We had the pre-millennium K-Pop era style with “Lady” in terms of video filter, costuming and stage preparation but with the second single, the Sci-Fi concept goes the entire nine yards to create a large slice of delightful neon cheese. Think Barbarella, Dragonball and even Fay Cry 3: Blood Dragon fusing together and this is exactly what you get.

To a regular fan, it may be a beautiful showcase of Yubin’s visuals but for someone who knows the little references or nuances; it is a joy to pick up on the scene set up, use of green screen and even the simple mise-en-scene of the video. Each little detail is meant to create an old-school Sci-Fi movie or even as a cute nod to others – the most prominent being the visor Yubin wears which is modelled directly from the Scouter device in Dragonball Z.

In true movie fashion, we see our noble female hero as she acts emotionless in her surroundings; possibly acting as an android led by Mission Control to scout out a neighbouring planet; Earth. She is soon curiously scanning power sources within the area with her robot canine but they are not the only alien wanderers on our planet.

Mission Control soon seems to be controlled by who appears to be another android clone who maliciously hacks into the system – effecting the canine’s power systems and soon controlling the energy for her own use. Yubin as the heroine soon scopes out the area and finds the beacon that allows the clone to hack in but before the hack for the world is complete, one trusty shot of Yubin’s laser (which suspiciously looks like a 1960s hairdryer) destroys the beacon and ends the reign once and for all.

There is, of course, a small cliffhanger in true movie fashion as the hero departs for home as the robot dog is left behind, carrying the traces of the strange beacon. Not much is explained further as older renditions of Sci-Fi were mainly focused on the escapism instead of realism. This trend is done perfectly in “Thank You Soooo Much” as not a single video frame is without neon, vintage filters, glittering outfits or CGI. That drives logic far away from the viewer’s mind and makes it overall a fun experience to watch – especially when you spot the little nuances in between each scene.

For more information on Yubin’s galactic return, check out our Weekly Idol article here. “Thank You Soooo Much” is now available to buy on iTunes, Google Music and to stream on Spotify.


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