As February starts to wind down, Kpop releases are beginning to pick up their pace. This week has seen some great debuts and comebacks from all sections of the K-pop world, from idol solo debuts to highly-anticipated group comebacks, to some very special collaborations and projects.

We’ve rounded up this week’s new releases. Check them out below

MONSTA X – Alligator

Fresh from their latest US adventures, Starship boy group MONSTA X was one of the most anticipated comebacks this week. Alligator is an explosive track with key musical riffs and hard choreography that is, by-now, super distinctive to MONSTA X.


LOONA – Butterfly

The 12-member girl group released Butterfly this week. They’re already receiving praise for their ultra-inclusive, female-led music video. Butterfly is LOONA’s first comeback, and it’s already pushing the group to new boundaries.


TREI – Gravity

Rookie boy group TREI made their debut this week with Gravity. It’s a song with a gentle melody accompanied by melancholy lyrics. It’s a song about growing distance in a relationship, but the music video is a refreshing take on a typical Kpop music video.


Hyomin (former T-Ara) – Allure

Hyomin has been steadily building up her music profile over the past year. Moving on from the addictive, dance track U Um U Um released a few weeks ago, Allure is more glamorous, glitzy exploration of music genres.


Yoon Jisung – Aside

Ahead of WANNAONE’s disbandment, former leader Yoon Jisung is the first to try his hand at a solo debut. Aside is a wonderfully delicate ballad told from an interesting perspective. It showed a new side to the idol.


Jason Derulo, Lay & NCT 127 – Let’s Shut Up and Dance

This week saw the exciting collaboration between Western pop star Jason Derulo, EXO member and C-Pop star Lay, and Kpop’s NCT 127 to celebrate Michael Jackson. A wonderful coming together of three music industry styles to make a great dance track!


Z-Boys / Z-Girls

This week also saw the debut of Z-Boys and Z-Girls, two temporary Kpop style groups who have debuted in Korea. Opinions have been divided on this group and the kinds of music they’re producing. Let us know what you think.  


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