As we burst into the second half of May, and the weather is heating up, we have a whole host of Kpop singles for our summer playlist.

This week, we’ve seen comebacks from major names (including EXID, Winner, and Davichi) as well as fresh new debuts. There’s an incredible mix of talent, genres, and styles.

We’ve picked out this week’s new releases. Check them out below.

13 May

ONEWE (DEBUT) Ring On My Ears

Rainbow Bridge World’s latest offering, ONEWE, have just debuted with an array of tracks for your listening pleasure. Somewhat uniquely in the Kpop world, MAMAMOO’s brother group is a band and ‘Ring on My Ears’ is all about the performance.  


The BTOB funny-man just released a hot mixtape. Expect a rawer, more scandalous rapping style than we usually see with his work in BTOB.  

14 May

Weki Meki Picky Picky

Weki Meki this week cameback with a long-awaited track. In their signature style, the song is fast-paced, bright, with a touch of electro-quirk.

15 May


EXID are back again this week with an infectious, interesting, and different track – a balanced mix of rap and fantastic vocals, with an unusual (for EXID) beat-led chorus.


This week, WINNER came back on the same day as EXID with a title track name synonymous with the latter group. Continuing on their 2018 trend, Ah Yeah is a bright burst of upbeat pop fun.

BVNDIT Dramatic

Rookie girl group BVNDIT’s Dramatic is a name-apt song and music video. The tempo and feel of the song is refreshingly pared back to reveal a more mature sound.


16 May


Ladies’ Code’s Feedback is an upbeat song, but it has all the characteristic artistic maturity of their song ‘Galaxy’. Member Sojung’s husky tones give this an irresistible play-back quality.

SoYou x OVAN Raindrop

SoYou once again lent her soft voice to one of South Korea’s signature chill sounds, this time along with OVAN. Slow and tender, Raindrop is perfect for study sessions and Sundays.

17 May

Davichi Unspoken words

Ballad duo Davichi came back this week with a sweet ballad accompanied by an equally sweet, narrative-led music video. It’s a song to lose yourself in the delicate, strong vocals.

A.C.E. Under Cover

Rookie boy group A.C.E. was the talk of the town this week with their rock-infused, gender-role-breaking, rap and electro offering. An incredibly interesting song, this is just another step forward in the group’s distinctive artistry.

19 May

Yoon Jisung Winter Flower

As former WannaOne leader Yoon Jisung enlists, Winter Flower is his temporary goodbye song to fans. A touching ballad, it hints to what’s to come after the short time he will be away.


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