There are a lot of YouTube channels covering Kpop content, but nobody does it quite like Edvasian (Edwin Lou).

Although not primarily a “Kpop YouTube” channel, a large majority of his videos involve Kpop fan culture. His infectious humour, mixed with his love for the genre, show through all his videos without feeling like he is lecturing you on topics. His content comes from an angle of talking to a friend and has created a genuine community online that extends to Twitter and Instagram. And if his Kpop content isn’t enough, the rest of his videos, such as “Trying all my clothes on at 2am”, are just as funny.

“Training like a Kpop Idol for a day (woke up at 6:00am) is a video which looks not only at the positive side of being an idol but also a lot of the issues surrounding artists lifestyles and health. This video is a perfect combination of humour and clever editing (which will have you screaming “ME” at your screen) without ignoring obvious issues surrounding the topic he is covering.

Edvasian’s channel is an example of genuine fan driven content and you can tell that he makes his videos because he wants to share his passions. Combining this with his internet-based humour and references, it genuinely feels like you’re watching someone who is somewhat a friend.

You can find more of his YouTube content here and follow him on social media here.


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