Chungha said ‘Don’t make me love you’, well, she loves us and we love her song ‘Snapping.’

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Chungha’s awaited EP ‘Flourishing’ brought a lot of change, the change from feel-good summer hits to empowering and provocative sounds, and a change of hairstyle. Chungha’s striking hair choice from black locks to stark blonde was one to take note of, this album followed suit.

Right off the bat, ‘Snapping’ can only be described as a sultry and seductive, drawing the listener in with crystal clear, and smooth vocals. The tone is atmospheric, creating a tone of romance. We instantly think that it’s going to be a love song, that there is a love interest. But if there is something Kim Chungha is able to do, it is to be full of surprises. Everyone remembers her iconic dance to Beyonce’s Partition, a surprise is inevitable with Chungha.

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And rightly so, as the song continues to its pre-chorus where the backing track has developed from sultry to outright confident and proud. Chungha says  that it ‘doesn’t matter what you baby hate or love.’ She doesn’t want to seduce them anymore and could care less about this love interest. She sings ‘Even if I steal you for a moment
Snapping, snapping I’ll let you go.’ She is so empowered that she can have this person but let them go in a snap. This chorus and the succeeding dance break is evident of that.

Snapping can only be depicted as empowering and aspirational, a real ‘who cares’ to relationships that are not good for you, which is strikingly different from her solo debut ‘Why don’t you know?’ And we are happy with this progression.

What did you think of Snapping? Or the rest of Chungha’s album ‘Flourishing?’


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