The APINK member’s solo debut, Don’t Make me Laugh, is a pleasant song that’s easy to listen to, and it the title track to the debut album, OH!

Oh Hayoung is one of APINK’s vocalists. The idol group have been steadily going strong since their debut in 2011. Hayoung is the only member, besides band-mate Jeong Eunji, to go solo as of yet.

The song of the week comes from debut album OH!, being the fourth track on the mini album. Do You Miss Me? Is a track that gives that old school idol girl group feel. The track itself is very different from the typical dance tracks that are out there at the moment, and I find that the bouncy, classic girl group feel is refreshing, and a nice change to the current musical scene in kpop.

Even though Hayoung isn’t my favourite vocalist from the group, I was pleasantly surprised by the tracks on her album. The song is very easy to listen to, it has the summery feel to it that rounded off the end of summer nicely.

The song itself sounds as if it should be a love song, but the lyrics are actually a breakup song. The girl is pining for their love, wondering whether they miss her just like she misses them. She senses they’re falling apart, and wonders whether they can see it too.

Hayoung’s song is reminiscent of the older APINK tracks, a look back to the older generation of girl group and their sound. Do You Miss Me? Is breezy and pleasant to listen to.

Have you listened to Hayoung’s solo debut? what did you think? let us know!



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