December is almost upon us but there is a full batch of songs across all genres set to welcome the Winter for many fans. Big comebacks have made headlines and there is the first of this year’s Winter collaboration tracks which has now become tradition. Here is a few select favourites that the UKP Team have been enjoying throughout the week.

IU treated fans with two singles; the title track “Blueming” and “above the time” which is a direct sequel to one of her much loved songs, “You & I”.

WJSN transform into regal enchantresses; processing dreams from the cosmos for their new song; “As You Wish”.

ASTRO grow into handsome men; charming fans and many more in the scorching hot video for “Blue Flame”.

SM Artists start the annual trend of special label-wide collaborations; just in time for the Christmas season. As part of STATION X; artists such as BoA, J-Min, Wendy of Red Velvet and more are teaming up with UNICEF for the charity single, “This Is Your Day”.

After years of lawsuits and patience, fans of SECRET finally get the chance to welcome back Jun Hyoseong as she makes her return to the music industry.

Stepping out of their sweetheart concept; Golden Child performs a Re-Boot of their style and sound with their latest comeback; “WANNABE”.

Check out the full list of releases below:

18th November Golden Child “WANNABE” Re:Boot
IU “Blueming” Love Poem
SuperM “Let’s Go Everywhere” KoreanAir Special Single
Ben “Deep Sorrow” Chief of Staff 2: People Who Make The World OST
Various Artists Melting Me Softly (Full Soundtrack Release)
Kim Nayeon “Unending Melody” The Talk Of Nokdu OST
GaIn “Set Me Free” VIP OST
Mommy Son “Star Song” My Sadness
Hippy was Gipsy “Still” Fire
Ted Park “Shot Clock” Shot Clock
Konsole “Head” Head
Trippy Dog & Unpro “Going Up” Going Up
Knave “Call Me Back” A very Knave
19th November AWEEK “Breathe” The Birth Of Seven
CIX “Numb” HELLO Chapter 2: Hello, Strange Place
WJSN “As You Wish” As You Wish
An Ji Yeon “My Hero” Catch The Ghost OST
Hen “Wavingly Wavingly” Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 OST
Dikkboy “4Ever” Over My Head
Dingo feat. YUMDDA, Deepflow, Paloalto, The Quiett & Simon Dominic “Forever84” Forever84
Jimmy Brown “Stay” RE:
Dept “Nonsense” Nonsense
20th December TWICE “Fake & True” &TWICE
BoA, J-Min, Siwon, Sunny, Suho, Taemin, Wendy & Doyoung “This Is Your Day” STATION X 4 LOVEs for Winter Part. 1
Jung Daehyun “Aight” (Chinese Version)
Various Artists Extraordinary You (Full Soundtrack Release)
Kim Hyunwoon, Suran, Hangzoo, Kim Jaeheung, Sungwoo JungA, Song Yuvin & Park Kyung “Hero of Heroes” Melody Book Shop OST
Kim Yeonji “Mon” When The Camelia Blooms OST
YUZION “Unstable” Unstable
DinDin “Paradise” Goodbye My Twenties
PUP Love Is All
Errday Jinji “Chocolate” Sara
Layone “Slow Heartbeat” Slow Heartbeat
Kenessi “Sunrise” Sun and Moon
Divin’ “Lovin’ Your Scene” Lovin’ Your Scene
jrmy. “Adrenaline” Adrenaline
EL Rune “imfuckedupalotofdrunk” imfuckedupalotofdrunk
m/n “answer me back” answer me back
BLACKMUSIC “Ring-Ring” Ring-Ring
21st November Amber Liu “Curiosity” Curiosity
Jun Hyoseong “Starlight” Starlight
Kim Youngchul “Signal Light”
Minah (Girls Day) “Butterfly” HYPHNE Project Single
Huckleberry P “Walking Dead” Chella
BIG Naughty “Where It All Started Remix” Where It All Started Remix
Kumria “Instant Date” Anonymous Artists
Z-SANG “23 Accidents” 23 Accidents
YOOMIN “Avoiding The Rain”
22nd November Hailey (feat. Yoo Seungwoo) “Luvstagram” Luvstagram
Jukjae “Lullaby” A Day
Sungmin (Super Junior) “Orgel” Orgel
SUMIN “You Are My World” FAILing In Love OST
Hyukoh “Si Shi Gu Ren Lai” Nowhere Man OST
Hana (gugudan) “Walk In Space” Yeonnamdong Family OST
OSA Crew “THE ROCK” Journey 3
PLUMA “Weekend” Weekend
ONiLL “Wishes” Wishes
ROYAL “MongSang” Fling
Im Soo “JoeChaekGam” Half Asleep
DEUL “Dawn” 9919
slchld & whoosh “still friends, not lovers” bittersweet
23rd November Cast of Fighting Call Fighting Call (Full Musical Soundtrack)
Acoustic Collabo “How Can I Do” Love Is Beautiful, Life Is Wonderful OST
Various Artists My Country: The New Age (Full Soundtrack Release:
BBAhn “How About We Buy…” Unasked Family OST
Kim Jaehwan “If I Was” Vagabond OST
Phe Reds “Your Hands” Your Hands
Viann “Got It All” The Baker
Loxx Punkman “Conscious” The Red Apple (VMC Boiling Point)
24th November RAVI “Turn On The Light” LIMITLESS PART. 2
STi “Beautiful Criminals” Leverage OST
The Daisy “I Love You So Much” Unasked Family OST
Bintage “Utopia” Utopia
Yourbeagle “Lonely Night” Lonely Night
ZAYSTIN “Rather Go Blind” Rather Go Blind

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