Check out this week’s music releases from South Korea:

22/03/20 to 28/03/20

22/03/20 Sohyang Hopefully Sky Hi Bye, Mama OST
PAXCHILD Spring is Here Love Interference (season 3, reality show) OST
Lim Seungbu Everyday You Unasked Family OST
KISUM _primero
Tako & Jhyung City Wave
Penten Define and Young Mélodie Bourgeois, Mélodie Proletariat
Skinny Chase Us ft James Keys King of Comedy
sero. Spring.
Achii Butterfly
4& Bye
Mood & Feel Midnight
Land of Peace Sisyphos
Dope’Doug HANUI
BAN ESTIN Bitter&Sweet ft Sweet the Kid
Owell Mood Lotion Lotion
J.cob Only ft Nathania Come Past
23/03/20 Coda Bridge 또 멀어질까봐… Gracious Revenge OST
J_ust Under the night we were facing our breakup
Kim Yonja Ssuk Duk Koong
Lee MinHyuk Serenade in May
Young Mok It’s Raining
Brilliant Blue Hong Yeon Chaturanga
WooIn Zzz
CITY ALONE Emptiness
Lulileela Stat With Me
Fish House Go Right
i11evn She25
Leellamarz, TOIL GONE ft Paloalto
Skinny Chase Sagittarius King of Comedy
Boni good day
KODI GREEN JAY PARK ft Hyunbin, Lilyn
kumira hug me
Mavin Bad think ft amin
24/03/20 Kang Daniel 2U Cyan
ONEUS A Song Written Easily / Hide and Seek IN ITS TIME
Sik-K HEAR ME Officially OG
Xydo BETTING ft pH-1 X
murmur Paris 365: Repeat The Year OST
Song I Han U everyday
LEES2UN Whoo Whoo Whoo
conch Perfect Love
Binary Number Irreversible Regret
Azzul Name
cott a particular thing ft Parc Jaejung
Damons Year Rainbow
Billy Acoustie Credits
Loook Heal
nafla I’m in love u n u part 2
Andup In My Lifetime ft Taylor
gani High ft Lym en, Nodsgn
Grizzly 내가 없어도
Junoflo On My Line
NiiHWA Crack
25/03/20 Ong Seongwu Gravity LAYERS
Stray Kids Mixtape : On Track Mixtape : On Track
Various Artists Take Me Now Forest OST
Park Kyung (Block B) Ding Dong Meow, the Secret Boy OST
BANHANA Something Like That
Joo Jin-woo Have you heard of it?
Del.Mo GAT ft Dr.Lee
Gemstone The Star in You
Choco & Vanilla Love Affair
Soo Sun Hwa Loving Heart
Park Soeun Gogangdong
Jungumul I want to live with you
Repenteve, Jolly V Warigari (What’s Up?)
onthedal Walking on the Moon / Lobster
KeeBomb It’s not what it looks like ft Feeldog
yovng trucker Rainbow ft MELOH
Chamane 247go ft Boo Hyunseok 247
SLEEPY Flash Light ft Reddy HOPE
YOUNgHOOD Jerome Morrow
26/03/20 WINNER Hold Hold Don’t Know The Glow: Eden
Jooyoung Here We Are Find Me in Your Memory OST
Umji (GFRIEND) Welcome Meow, the Secret Boy OST
Min Chae Rainbow The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen (web drama) OST
Onestar Hello
Stable RELAX
SoyoungLim, Y.Sookyoung The Other Score Vol.1 The Other Score Vol.1
LIUNICORN If I Had Super Powers, Could You Continue To Love Me?
Minji Eom Cherry Blossom
BOHEME Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti
NamDalee Magic Mirror
A-FUZZ The Lamp Is Low
Chu Da Hye Monggumpo
Halin Stop The Time
emoji 2oclock ft JUNNY
TAKUWA Movie Star 
Gray Digital Lover
OFFSHORE Crew Scene #2
moonc UU
27/03/20 Ji Jinseok Here
Cho Jungseok Aloha Hospital Playlist OST
Yuju (GFRIEND) 이랬다 저랬다 Unique! Chef Moon OST
Gaho A Song For You
Vincent Blue LTNS ft Verbal Jint
BURSTERS Smell the Rot Once and for All
Aancod Getting good Unique! Chef Moon OST
OGon Brighter than Stars
Lee I Need a Girl
ODDSON Regret ft BIG Naughty
DINGO X Legit Goons Burn
Gaho A song for you
28/03/20 Jukjae Wish Taveler – Argentina OST
Han Yo Han 400km ft Kid Milli
BRADYSTREET Jinro is back!
twlv Take It Easy
Zaddyllusion, Double K Liminal Space



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