Starship Entertainment’s new boy group have dropped their debut track “Break All the Rules” this week. The writers of the song include big names that have worked on tracks for EXO, MONSTA X and TWICE.

For a song that’s about rebelling against the rules, it’s actually a pretty safe song that follows the formula that made label-mates MONSTA X so successful. However that’s not a bad thing as the hip-hop style of the track makes it a catchy first song.

The group’s name CRAVITY is a mashup between the words ‘creativity’ and ‘gravity’. Starship Entertainment announced they would be launching a new nine-member boy group back in February. What’s interesting is that several of the members came from the boy group X1 which disbanded earlier this year. But more importantly  the creation of this group means that Starship Entertainment is giving their trainees another shot.

Initial reception to the song has been pretty mixed so far – many have said it was a pretty generic song not suitable for a debut while others have said the song’s a bop. Honestly, the trap-laced builds do little to set the group apart from what every other boy group is doing which is pretty disappointing. That being said, the boys’ vocals mesh well together to create a sound that’s got the potential to develop into something bigger!

Though this song has played it safe, overall it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on CRAVITY in the long run.

Check out the music video below:


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