GOT7 are back with their track “Not By the Moon”, taken from the newest album “Dye”. This song’s like no other, it’s unusual, in your face and inspired by the work of Shakespeare.

The song takes inspiration from Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. Teasers for the song have included Juliet’s speech in Act II Scene 2 where she tells Romeo not to swear his love by the moon because of its ever-changing nature.

GOT7 makes another reference to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by donning iron masks adorned with bird features. Shakespeare uses birds to symbolise the freedom of Romeo in contrast to the entrapment of Juliet by her family. However like Romeo, GOT7 suffers the loss of love, hoping that it will return and last forever.

The song is angsty, starting with an instrumental synth that gives off dark and mournful vibes. One of the key elements in this song is the duality between light and dark, hence why we see the boys switch between white and black outfits. This again reinforces the idea that Shakespeare’s work has heavily influenced the song – he also uses birds to contrast light and dark and showcase a love that shines at night.

The MV reflects the absence of a Juliet accordingly, magnifying the loneliness of the GOT7 boys, who then resort to alchemy as solitary Romeos. The song and video reach a dramatic conclusion, with a ritual to bring Juliet back unfulfilled. “Not By the Moon” ends when a bird clashes against a giant moon behind the group, with pillars and rocks crumbling around them.

“Not By the Moon” is a song that captures the sorrow of abandonment, reminiscence and desire. The song showcases a mature and creative side to GOT7 as they come up to the six year mark since debuting. This comeback is a solid part of their discography and their expansive soundscape.

Check out the music video below:


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