MONSTA X has returned with “FANTASIA X”, and they’re continuing to prove their global status!
The group’s latest mini-album debuted at no.12 on the UK’s iTunes chart, soon rising into the top 10. As of 20:00 BST, “FANTASIA X” peaked at seventh place.
The group’s previous peak in the UK was at no.17, a feat achieved by both “Take 1: Are You There” and “Follow: Find You”.
As well as this, “FANTASIA X” has charted in many other European countries. Almost all no.1s are from European countries, including Belarus, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.
MONSTA X returned as six members on 26th May with their ninth mini-album, “FANTASIA X”. The title track, “FANTASIA”, was composed by Willie Weeks and OLLIPOP, and delivers their passion to break through everything that stands in their way. Check out the MV for it below!

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