Girl group Mamamoo have come a long way since their debut back in 2014. With their 6 year anniversary approaching, this year the girls have been focusing on their own individual activities.

Mamamoo’s debut song “Mr. Ambiguous” (2014)

“Mr Ambiguous” was a strong debut from Mamamoo, giving off some real 60s vibes with its popping colours and throwback fashion such as mini dresses and bold graphic prints.

Over time the girls have progressed, with each member showcasing their unique personalities and colors through their various solo projects.

And they did just that. Starting with the “Four Season, Four Colors Project” in 2018, each member had separate solo songs to showcase their individual colours and styles.

Wheein was the first member to make her solo debut with the single “Easy” as part of her album Magnolia.

Moonbyul was the next member, with her album Selfish, featuring the title track with the same name.

Hwasa was also working on her song “Don’t”, a collaboration with Loco, whilst Solar was working on her album Solar Sensitivity, which not only covers popular songs, but also allows her to focus on her own emotions.

Mamamoo’s producers decided that with all the work that went into “Hip” in 2019, the priority would be for the members to focus on resting and doing individual activities. Solar and Moonbyul were the first to release their solos at the start of 2020, because they said they wanted to work instead of taking long breaks.

Whilst each of the members have their own solo promotions and activities, Hwasa has been the most active, with her “Twit” putting her on the map as a solo artist. Since then, some of the most successful hits she’s been featured on include ONEWE’s “Q” and Dua Lipa’s “Physical”. She also dropped her EP Maria last month.


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