We’re in the middle of July and the summer anthems this month have been in full-flow. From Chunga to Zico, the month seems to have had it all. While this week is a little quiet, in quality it is no exception, with tracks from Stray Kids as well as another Exo-SC offering being delivered!

Stealing the award for most noticeable release this week is EXO-SC with “1 Billion Views”. They released the album 1 Billion Views as well as a song and music video of the same name on July 13th. The groovy track featuring MOON has a modern-yet-’80s feeling which is intensified by the style in the music video.

Crush released music videos for both “OHIO” and “Let Me” this week. “Let Me” featuring Devin Morrison is a love-filled soul tune full of sweet sentiments which wouldn’t sound out of place at a wedding. Featuring critically acclaimed singer, song-writer and composer Devin Morrison, the nostalgic 90s track is set to be played long after its release.

Ten-piece rookie group TOO have released the first single from their second mini-album, Running TOOgether. It’s a poppy-summer track full of charm and charisma. It’s straight-forward and generic (think melodic verse-chorus-verse structure with a rap thrown in for good measures), but it is not bad at all!

Alongside Park Kyung of Block B, APINK’s Jeong Eun Ji is another artist who has spent some time away from their group in order to offer a solo song. The video for “Away” captures her on a meadow and on the beach; it creates the image of a summer trip in the sunshine – something many of us are craving for!

Check out the full list of releases below!

13th July Eric Nam “Count on Me” Men are Men OST
EXO-SC “1 Billion Views” 1 Billion Views
GFRIEND “Apple” Song of the Sirens
14th July Crush “Let Me” “OHIO” OHIO
15th July DREAMCATCHER “R.o.S.E. BLUE” “R.o.S.E. BLUE”
Jeong Eun Ji (of APINK) “Away” Simple
TOO “Count 1,2″ Running TOOgether
16th July Stray Kids Hello Stranger POP OUT BOY! Pt.1
XRO Welcome to My Jungle Welcome to My Jungle
17th July Park Kyung (of Block B) See Saw Backstreet Rookie OST



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