Tired of the heatwaves that are becoming all the more, well, hot during the summer? Well, luckily for you, so is Zico. “Summer Hate,” a pop-infused single from the KOZ artist’s latest EP, RANDOM BOX, is all about lamenting those sweaty days and nights synonymous with the warmer months.

Beginning with a flourish of saxophone-heavy brass, the track opens quite sprightly. In the verses, bubbly synths, trap beats and a congruent bassline complement Zico‘s fast-paced raps, before the chorus erupts into a mid-tempo frenzy, centred around rhythm guitar loops. Full of the 27-year-old’s typical sharp-witted style, the track glides along joyfully, never failing to bring smiles with its subtle groove.

In conclusion, “Summer Hate” is a reliable pop hit, tinged with light sonics and loaded with charisma. It may be a little sing-song at times, especially in its repeating hook of “I hate this summer day,” but both Rain and Zico manage to fill the track with personality and substance, avoiding the cliches a lot of pop music can fall into.

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