The Idol scene has certainly been shaken up this week with anticipated debuts and comebacks of all sizes captivating fans at a still difficult time. However, in true fashion, there is something for everyone and as always the UKP Team have picked out some of their favourites to round out the week and add to the playlist.

After Red Velvet, it has been a while since a new girl group bounced onto the scene from SM Entertainment but when aespa made their debut this week, they did it in a truly extravagant fashion; with their own AI counterparts and “digi-volving” the world of SM Artists to a seemingly connected entity. If “Black Mamba” is just the official beginning of the SMCU (SM Culture Universe), the virtual beauties may be one to watch in the years ahead.

After a very busy international run with “Dynamite”, BTS are back with their official Korean comeback and they are taking it down a notch with the track, “Life Goes On”; complete with a cosy music video and a touching message of hope during the current uncertainty in the world.

After completing their service in the military; Changsub, Eunkwang and Minhyuk teams up with their fellow member, Peniel to form BTOB 4U. Their latest dance track, “Show Your Love” is a different image compared to BTOB’s first ballad sub-unit but all four members are shining as always for their official return to the stage.

When you think of Idol Bands, your mind will drift to the big names; FT Island and CN Blue and the road has certainly not been the smoothest in the past years for either of them. Following Jonghyun’s hard-hitting scandal, military service and over three years without releasing music as a group; Jungshin, Minhyuk and Yonghwa are finally back with a new mini-album and title track, “Then, Now and Forever.”.

Reunions of past generation groups will always bring excitement to fans and that trend has continued this year. Sadly, news of a SS501 reunion has been placed on hold due to the members’ individual activities. Despite the wait being a little longer than hoped, dedicated fans are still happy to welcome the boys back whenever they release new music. This time around, it is the “Sexy Charisma”, Park Jung Min who is embracing a cute pastel side for his latest collaboration with Ella, an ex-member of Cherry Bullet who is set to debut with the group, PIXY.

Check out the full list of releases below:

15th November Oh Sae Bom & Kim Yejoon REMEMBER REMEMBER
Various Artists (incl. PENTAGON Hui) Lotto Singer Episode 7
Lee Seung Gi The Ordinary Man The Ordinary Man
D.COY Sunny all day Love Interference Season 3
Morning Coffee 난 너의 뒤에 No Matter What
Wendy (Red Velvet) Two Words Start-Up
16th November Park Jungmin (SS501) Love So Sweet (feat. Ella (PIXY)) LOVE SO SWEET
The Midnight Romance I Don’t Want To Live Without You I Don’t Want To Live Without You
BTOB 4U Show Your Love INSIDE
CODE KUNST, Choi Jung Hoon (JANNABI), Simon Dominic For The Gone RECONNECT
Jeong Yu Jin/Mail (ex-The Ark) The Day After The Day After
Sohyang Beautiful Destiny Birthcare Center
Kim Taehyun (The Brothers) Scattered Kairos
17th November COOING Light Pink COOING
Seo Yeah An (Kpop Star 4) Alone Alone
withus DOGAEBI: it DOGAEBI: it
Youth Library (feat. Yaebin (ex-PRISTIN/HINAPIA)) The night I drew you Youth Library EP.7
aespa Black Mamba Black Mamba
Bling Bling G.G.B G.G.B
CNBLUE Then, Now, and Forever RE-CODE
MOMOLAND Ready or Not Ready or Not
Car, the garden Get To You Traveller, No.401
Lee Young Ji (Good Girl) Compromise Compromise
Jang Jane Dust The Quest for Anxiety
WOOGIE (feat. punchnello & ROMderful) PARADISE PARADISE
Sohee (ELRIS) Dream Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
Baek A Yeon Wherever The Spies Who Loved Me
19th November Jang Yoon Jeong Pig Rabbit Pig Rabbit
UNVS The Prologue The Prologue
Norazo Bread Bread
GB9 아파 Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
Park Jihoon (ex-Wanna One) Midnight Love Revolution (web drama)
YooA (OH MY GIRL) Stay With Me Tale of the Nine-Tailed
20th November Dreamcatcher NO MORE NO MORE
Minzy Lovely (Tagalog Version) Lovely (Tagalog Version)
2Z All I need All I need
Raina & Nada Piggyback Ride MBN Miss Back Pt.2
BTS Life Goes On BE
An Da Eun (The ADE) I Was Young And I Wanted To Say I Was Sorry I Was Young And I Wanted To Say I Was Sorry
Class Mate Four Seasons Four Seasons
DinDin (feat. Soyou (ex-SISTAR)) Walking Walking
Hash Swan Burj Khalifa (feat. The Quiett) / Jennifer (feat. LOCO) Drawing
Shinji (Koyote) Forget Forget
Lee Eun Sang (ex-X1) Starry Night Let Me Off The Earth
21st November ADG7 Napal Baji (orig. PSY) [Vol. 75] Yoo Hee-yul’s Sketchbook: 46th Voice ‘ADG7’
Various Artists (incl. Paloalto, Gaeko, BewhY) Show Me The Money 9 Ep. 1
Gawon 헤어진 그날에 모든게 멈춰져 있어 Kairos
Coda Bridge 미친척 No Matter What
BOL4 Love Letter Start-Up
Siyeon (Dreamcatcher) No Mind Take Revenge
Lee Han Wi I’m Sorry Sorry The Place We Put The Lilacs

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