This week saw Kai become the latest member of EXO to venture into the solo arena. The penultimate member of the group to do so – Sehun, despite working with Chanyeol on EXO-SC, has never had a musical project of his own, despite having a solo on the duo’s latest EP- it was an overdue step from the multifaceted artist.

But alas, the self-titled, six-track offering arrived, with heightened expectations from the drama and artistic flair evident in the striking teasers evident upon its release. Taking the ball pitched to him and smashing it for a home run, Kim Jongin proved these intrigued onlookers correct to let free their inhibited eagerness, releasing a quality shortform release packed full of R&B flair.

Mmmh,” the EP’s title-track, stands out most prominently, with its R&B driven melodies gliding through a packed three-minutes of finesse. Penned about the initial excitement with a love interest, the 26-year-old silkily weaves his vocals between murky synths and skeletal percussion before unleashing a sensual, sleek hook over instrumentals full of understated atmosphere.

It’s a phenomenal track, and one that befits the pop sensation perfectly. If you haven’t heard it already, “Mmmh” is deserving of an attentive listen.



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