As the week closes off with romance, it is once again time for the Release Round Up and it is safe to say that some of the recent comebacks have been the perfect soundtrack to Valentines Day. From sweet pop to romantic EDM; there is something for everyone and even more in store for February.

Here are some of the UKP Team’s favourites of the last seven days and a brief look into next week’s big releases.

This Week’s Top Picks

It has been an emotional time for GOT7 fans to watch the group depart from JYP Entertainment but the members’ unity stays strong; as shown through member, Mark Tuan’s Youtube channel. His new platform is also giving him the opportunity to start his own projects, kicking off with “One In A Million”; his new English single with producer, Sanjoy.

It wouldn’t be Valentines Day without a treat, and Kim Woo Seok is spoiling fans with chocolates and eye candy with his brand new solo project. The UP10TION member is riding from the success of his dark solo debut and switching up concepts with the bright pop track, Sugar.

Next Week’s Ones to Watch

After show-stopping singles and delays, Chungha is finally riding in for her official comeback. The twenty-one track album QUERENCIA will include her recent hits; Stay Tonight, Play, Dream of You, X and the new title single, Bicycle.

Monbebe, beware! I.M is set to make his debut as a solo artist on the 19th February. Although he was treated fans to multiple mixtapes & covers in the past, DUALITY will be the first official mini-album from the MONSTA X rapper.

Check out the full list of this week’s releases below:

7th February Swan Space Space
Onestar Like a star Mr. Queen
Withyou to me No Matter What
2NB You Don’t Love Me You Don’t Love Me
CR KIM x Cosmic Girl Dilemma Dilemma
Heju The reason why The reason why
Lee Yejun Again (Prod. V.O.S) Again (Prod. V.O.S)
8th February Kim Wooseok (UP10TION) Sugar 2nd Desire [TASTY]
RAVI (VIXX) BUM (feat. Chillin Homie & Kid Milli) BUM (feat. Chillin Homie & Kid Milli)
Xbf Tight grip (feat. Choiza (Dynamicduo)) Tight grip (feat. Choiza (Dynamicduo))
Moon Songhee Hold My Hand Phoenix 2020
Younha Thirtieth Midnight Romance 101 (webtoon)
U Sung Eun I Live in Your Eyes She Would Never Know
hnie hnig NERO Human Nature
Minit x AVOKID Marionette WWW
plusNONE x Father Pocket SO WHAT (feat. Benzamin) PREVIEW – plusNONE
Punkonfire Scatch Book 펑크락 행복 나자신 또우리
Sean.K Fine Fine
Third Stone Plague Plague
9th February Han Dong Geun There, there There, there
Kik5o Voyager Voyager
Rain × Sumi Jo Guardians Guardians
Uno BEEP BEEP (musical)
Sunwoo JungA (SWJA) Your Eyes LUCA: The Beginning
2F Hidden Star Replay: The Moment
Balloonfish Kater Kater
Darlim & Hamabal Tornado of Mind Tornado of Mind
Dear Cloud Good Bye, Lover (Acoustic Ver.) Good Bye, Lover
Dello What Do You Want What Do You Want
It’s my turn And I And I
HASEO Butterfly Effect Butterfly Effect
JNKYRD Varsity (feat. Oh Hyuk) Dorm Stairs
Little Princess Project XVI XVI
10th February J.UNA Foolish Discovery
D1CE You’re My Destiny You’re My Destiny
Young Tak Comforter Comforter
Yoyomi Corny Love Song Corny Love Song
Yumdda Michael Jackson Michael Jackson
Anonymous Artists Loose (Art. Nodsgn) ARTIST. Nodsgn
Han Ingoo To youth (feat. KHS) To youth
HEYNAM SiN X PATiENTS Sorry not sorry Sorry not sorry
marlangJADU Sinpa SINPA #1
OKLA TGIF (feat. REX.D) (Prod. OKLA) 이중생활
Rainbow note Yeah Yeah 장덕 Tribute Project Vol. 3
The NOYA The Night Chronicles Of The Night
TransFixion Tremolo Tremolo
tuntun x C;me I Can’t Tuna I Can’t Tuna
Youngdoong Vision of Success Vision of Success
11th February Im Seulong (2AM) Because I love you more Bunny’s Boys (webtoon)
Kim Jin Woong Missing You No Matter What
Jeiff x Young Do Paradise (feat. Horan) Paradise
12th February Mark Tuan (GOT7) × Sanjoy One in a Million One in a Million
ChoA (ex-AOA) Thorn Lovestruck in the City
Kwon Min Je One Minute One Second No Matter What
Niel (Teen Top) I Want Replay: The Moment
Rumy Ribbon in the Sky Ribbon in the Sky
13th February Shin Yu nice Homemade Love Story
E Hyuk (ex-NORAZO) If I Meet You Again Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)
Rolling Stars Hello My Beach Lovestruck in the City
Moon Jongup (ex-B.A.P) Venus (feat. VIINI) Mr. Queen

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