The latest release from IU is something we haven’t had from her yet. While she’s always been the acoustic girl-next-door, she’s now out exploring the city. This is accompanied by a soft 80s synth-pop sound filled with bright keyboard sounds and a playful synth groove.

It’s a new spin on the highly popular retro disco sound that has been gracing Kpop recently. What makes this track different is that it retains the whispy charm that IU’s voice holds. It isn’t over-edited or extensively distorted with layered vocals. In some respects, she’s still the girl next door.

The music video plays into this sense of genre exploration; it features IU travelling into a new town, exploring the nightlife, and an animated scene under a purple tree. It’s incredibly telling of the direction that she appears to be exploring, and one can only hope that she’s planning on settling in there.

The song does have some potential to be a little dull, but this fear is quelled by the powerful notes she sings shortly after the choruses. It’s a welcome addition to the whispy nature of the rest of the song, but it is also a highly necessary one. Evidentially, IU has extensive potential in this genre, and this beginning bodes well for her future releases.

Check out the music video for IU’s Lilac below. What do you think of her new comeback? Let us know!


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