This week we’re using a time machine to go back to the year 2015. More specifically, June 2015. Teen Top have released Ah-Ah, and AOA are currently promoting Heart Attack. Fan-titled summer queens SISTAR have awakened from their slumber with Shake It.

It’s a nostalgia-filled, summer-loving smash hit which feels highly appropriate seeing that most of the UK has been blessed with sunshine and clear skies this week. Hyolyn and Soyou are the track’s most noticeable performers as their voices are filled with a powerful and unique tone. In my opinion, it is this track along with Touch my Body that first made it clear how much star potential Hyolyn had, as she presents so much energy vocally while also bringing in some of her lovely whistle voice notes. While her solo career has not gained as much traction as one may have anticipated after the group’s split in 2017, these songs are evidence that she’s still got so much to give.

Musically, it’s got a thick, bass-filled groove which is led by a strong funk sounding brass unit.

The music video is arguably even more of a cultural phenomenon than the song itself! The shake, the pop-art editing on top and the yoga outfit scene are all moments that visually capture this era of SISTAR. When the clumsy teacher and the slapstick is thrown in, the video feels like a live reinaction of a school-based slice of life anime series. This is just such a cheerful track, and the music video lives up to its fun sound.

With the warm weather looking to continue into the weekend, it’s a brilliant time to soak up some sun and listen to some old bops. Who knows what June will give musically, or even what the weather will be like!?




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