Cube Entertainment’s newest rookie girl group LIGHTSUM made a speedy comeback following their debut on June 10th with ‘Vanilla’.

The 8 member group released their 2nd single album titled ‘Light a Wish’ on October 13th, which includes three tracks ‘VIVACE‘, ‘You, Jam‘ and ‘Popcorn‘.

You can check out the press Q&A section of the showcase below, along with the translated transcript included underneath, courtesy of Cube Entertainment. LIGHTSUM discussed their feelings on this comeback, the constrast in their current concept to their debut style, the goals that they want to set for themselves.

Also, they talked about the message they wanted to deliver with this comeback to their listeners, on the choreography of the title track, why they have a global appeal and the possibility of an offline concert in the future.

Congratulations to LIGHTSUM on their comeback, we would ‘light a wish’ to them to have happy memories with their promotions.

Sports Seoul > JEONG HA EUN

How do you feel about your first comeback and what has improved compared to your debut?
JIAN: We put our full effort preparing for our comeback because it’s our first comeback after our debut and the vibe of the track is quite different. Since it is a track that has impressive choreography, we tried to show our upgraded performances. Please look forward to it!


What is the difference between the concept of this album and the previous album?
CHOWON: Through our debut single ‘Vanilla’, we showcased the spirit and cheerfulness of a rookie who just debuted, but through ‘VIVACE’, we’ll be able to showcase more dreamlike LIGHTSUM than before. You will also see a bit of charisma too, so please look forward to it.

LIGHTSUM has been growing as the 4th generation girl group. Do you have any concerns or burdens about it?
JUHYEON: Rather than feeling burdened, we are thinking about the ways to show the confidence and new side of Generation Z with our own unique charms. Although it’s been only 5 months since our debut, we are trying our best to improve and to be called as the 4th generation representative girl group.


It’s the first comeback after your debut. Do you have any goals that you want to achieve?
JUHYEON: Yes, it is our first comeback after your debut. We want to show different sides of ourselves, and let many people know about LIGHTSUM and our songs by entering the music chart with our track ‘VIVACE’.

KKBOX > Eileen Chen

What is the message you want to deliver to your fans through this single or the title track ‘VIVACE’?
NAYOUNG: We all have something special within ourselves, but we tend to live without realizing it. ‘VIVACE’ is a track that awakens everyone’s hidden special aspect and contains the message of finding our special selves through LIGHTSUM’s song.

UnitedKpop > Kristine Phillips

Which part of the choreography is your favourite with your new song?
YUJEONG: I like the main choreography, but I also like my bridge part. There is a part where the song changes into a dreamlike vibe while I sing, and this is my favorite part because I worked hard to show my charms through my gestures.


What modifier do you want to achieve from the public through ‘VIVACE’?
HUIYEON: Since this album symbolically expresses the image of the ‘21st century Genie’, I would say ‘Genie-dol’, which makes people think that everytime they see LIGHTSUM, their wishes will come true.


Upon debuting with your debut single ‘Vanilla’, LIGHTSUM topped the real-time chart of Japanese music sites, and ranked 상위권 in 10 countries around the world on ITUNES.
What do you think is the reason why LIGHTSUM stood out in the global music market?
HINA: First of all, I want to say thank you for sending a lot of love and support. It is very surprising to know that there are our fans all over the world. I think it’s because all of our members have distinctive charms, and we give new and positive energy through our performance.

Munhwa Ilbo > KIM INKOO

If you happen to have an offline concert, what would you do the most, and where do you want to have your concert?
SANGAH: If we do an offline conert, it would be LIGHTSUM’s very first offline concert. We want to showcase our songs by communicating with our fans and also present our unit performances and show the best of us. Also, our wish and goal is to have a world tour because we want to meet all our fans in every country.


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