Imagine a romantic comedy drama. Now throw in a freak-of-nature tornado and a paragliding accident. Now, make that paragliding misadventure occur between the borders of North and South Korea. That, in sum, is Crash Landing On You.


It all began with Crash Landing on You, a tale of love, friendship and beauty products that spans the divide between South and North Korea. It’s addictively off-the-wall, heartbreaking and hilarious – and since the show is only available in Korean audio with English subtitles, it demands your full attention. No more scrolling through horror news feeds on your mobile! Hurrah!

In the first thirty minutes of the drama, the viewer is introduced to Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), a K-beauty business lady and boss-ass paraglider. She is a millionaires with her business and life style firmly grounded in the Southern part of the Korean peninsular. While testing out some athleisure wear for her lifestyle brand while paragliding, she ends up in a freak tornado which lands her in the demilitarised zone. She’s discovered by North Korean soldier Captain Ri (Hyun Bin), who tries to help her return to her homeland. However, she runs in the wrong direction and results to hiding in his home.


The couple are destined to be apart forever, but Captain Ri follows Yoon Se-ri to the south. He isn’t alone; joined by one of his loyal military friends. We’re also introduced to a parallel couple; a Northern woman and a Southern man. Quite frankly, the show just keeps on giving!

What is particularly soul-warming is the extremely positive and humanised presentation of North Koreans. The characters are distinctly individual and human; with their own ideas, beliefs and feelings. In this respect, it has made me reflect about the way North Koreans are typically described in large, non-descript groups in general media. Clearly, the show has more depth to it than your standard love-struct-couples drama, and this alone is a fantastic reason to watch it. The exquisite story telling, character building and camera work make the experience a complete and utter joy.


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