What do you think of when you think about Korean rock? Maybe bands like FNC’s CNBlue, N.Flying, and FT.Island, or perhaps groups like Day6, The Rose, or Dreamcatcher whose success has taken the genre to another level adding their unique twist and more K-pop style approach breaking the barrier between the two.

Well, today’s bands whilst haven’t made as big an impact in their short time since debuting in 2020. With amazing vocal and musical ability, this girl rock band deserve their time in the spotlight.

Debuting under Rolling Star entertainment the 5 member girl band would host various live events, performing various covers whilst adding their unique rock style to mainstream songs and uploading them to YouTube.

The band would also showcase some of their demo songs in “Delight”, “Rock And Roll Paradise” and “Blaze”. Before collaborating with producer duo 015B as part of their “New Edition” project. Rolling Quartz would debut on 29th December 2020 with the final version of “Blaze”. 

The girls would further capture the hearts of the Korean music community with various spins on songs such as BTS’s Dynamite and covers of fellow Korean girl rock band Dreamcatcher further drawing comparisons to the older more successful band who have made a real impact since bursting onto the scene in 2017 becoming the premiere Korean girl rock band changing the landscape of Korean rock with their unique style. The band would further rise to popularity by collaborating with AleXa as part of a rock version of her song “Xtra”.

Since then Rolling Quartz has been breaking records, in February they became the first Korean indie band to break the US iTunes top 5 rock album chart with their EP “Fighting”, which would also debut at 23 on the Worldwide iTunes album chart, 30 on the European iTunes album charts as well as 47 in the UK and 43 in Germany. 

The album would also receive the praise of famous K-pop columnist for both Billboard and New York Jeff Benjamin who would feature the band as the rising Kpop artist on February 12th stating: 


Releasing multiple music videos from their recent albums as well as covers of bands such as My Chemical Romance. This girl rock band has huge ways to go in the rock industry but it’s only a matter of time before they catch up to the likes of Dreamcatcher, as they not only showcase the future of the Korean rock bringing it to a new era, also paying respect to those who paved the way, this band deserves every bit of success and spotlight coming to them as they inspire and bring more attention to Korea’s great and slowly growing genre.


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