With the newest release of their latest single ‘Still Here’ it’s time to give this boy band their time in the spotlight.

Debuting in 2015 under the name M.A.S (Make A Sound) 0094 through the single ‘Butterfly, Find a Flower’ at that time under Modern music. They would go on to release 2 EPs and a single in 2016 and 2017. As well as a 200-day celebration concert before joining RBW in 2017.

Upon joining RBW the band would change its name to MAS. And they would soon start going on the survival show circuit starting with lead vocalist and keyboardist Dongmyeong. He would join the popular survival show Produce 101 Season 2 putting up an impressive performance finishing 68th in the competition after being eliminated in episode 5.

However, MAS would receive their big break on the KBS show The Unit. Featuring idol groups that had been around much longer, they would rock the stage with two judges putting them through to the next stage after an impressive performance of ‘Kissing strangers’ which would see member Kanghyun’s guitar break. They would also have to perform a dance routine which they had prepared in advance with their cuteness and persona being enough to impress the judges.

After a heart-filled plea and a tough grouping session in which every other competitor would ignore them. They would once again put on an impressive performance after being led by dancer Daewon, they initially would impress fans during the mid-term evaluation by being one of the best dancing groups even though they hadn’t danced more than 3 months, receiving the nicest comments from the experts. With member Dongmyeong even getting praise from Rain for his dancing skills. However, it wouldn’t be enough with 4 of the 5 members getting eliminated before Dongmyeong got eliminated in the final of the show finishing in 16.

Exiting the show they would join the RBW debut project with fellow RBW boy group ONEUS then called RBW Boyz. It would be revealed in June 2018 by RBW that MAS would re-debut as ONEWE. They later collaborated with ONEUS as part of their pre-debut single ‘Last song’. Before ending the year hosting a Christmas concert titled ‘Studio We: Live #1’ on December 23.

Re-debuting in 2019 with their first single ¼ featuring lead single ‘Reminisce about all.’ They would later release the album in Japanese making their Japanese debut, reaching the Top 10 best-selling Japanese singles by Korean artists in the first half of 2019 before hosting their first Japanese concert Prologue in June.

This led to their second release of the year with single 2/4 featuring lead track ‘Regulus’. The band’s first music show as they would perform the song on M Countdown. Ending the year with two mini concerts Studio We: Live #3 Fallin’ Good Day and Studio We: Live #4.

ONEWE would release their third single album ¾ in 2020 with the lead single ‘Q’. Featuring the help of fellow RBW and Mamamoo member Hwasa who would compose the song alongside member CyA. ‘Q’ would enter the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart at number 12. This would be featured alongside the other two single albums as part of the band’s first full album which would also feature three new songs, with the title of these being ‘End of Spring.’ Which peaked at number 13 in the Korean charts and sold over 14,000 copies.

They would later release their first demo recording, featuring the title track ‘Parting’ before ending the year with another single ‘A Book In Memory’ as well as their 5th Studio We: Live.

They would start the year with their 6th Studio WE: Live Onewe? Or Onewe! Before holding an encore concert in the Rolling Hall. They later released their first EP Planet Nine: Alter Ego. Selling around 20,000 sales and peaking at number 12 in the Korean charts. It would feature the title track ‘Rain to be’ whilst the B-side track ‘Aurora’ would be the stand-out song ranking number 1 on the MTV 21 best K-pop B-sides of 2021. 

Finishing the year the group released their second digital demo album in ‘Star’ as well as their second-ever collaboration with brother group ONEUS ‘Stay’.

This year the band released their second EP in ‘Planet Nine: Voyager’ alongside special album Timeless before members Yonghoon and Kanghyun would enlist in the military. It is uncertain how active this band will be with three members still needing to enlist. But with a new release featuring all 5 members and brother group ONEUS still going strong the future of this band is bright.


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