Ever since the announcement from TheBlackLabel at the start of January that newly joined artist, Bigbang member Taeyang would not only be making his debut for the agency but collaborating with superstar BTS member Jimin the song. It’s safe to say the comeback has been marked in K-pop fans’ calendars ever since, and rightfully so.

The comeback comes as Taeyang’s first release single ‘Louder.’ Back in 2018 and Jimin’s first release since April, collaborating with Ha Sung Woon as part of the ‘Our Blues’ OST. The release saw the joining of K-pop royalty in BigBang arguably the most successful and recognisable K-pop acts of the late 2000s and 2010s. Alongside BTS, who have not only become one of the biggest groups in K-pop but the world.

Starting the strong, hearing Taeyang’s soft angelic voice is enough to throw you back to the 2010s and shows that even after six years the artist still hasn’t missed a beat. Perfectly mixing vocals and rapping the performance is exactly what you expect from the Bigbang member.

A groovy track, the song just makes you want to dance and vibe, with each member getting their chance to shine with long well-constructed verses. The harmonisation between artists matches well with both artists’ distinctive voices.

Behind all the grooves the song is layered strongly with sexiness. From the perfect physique of the shirtless Taeyang at the start of the music video. To the strong entrance of Jimin serenading our ears in leather and later both in shirtless suits. The outfit choice of both members in the song is something to behold, with each outfit change showing off the artist’s looks, making the music video appealing to fans.

In conclusion, Vibe introduces a new beginning, as he would say to NME. “I see this timing as the second chapter of my life, a big turning point where I can start fresh.” And after the success and great reception of Vibe. Let’s hope this is the kickstart to a great new chapter in what is already a long successful career.




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