Some groups perfectly merge K-pop and Korean rock like Dreamcatcher. From debuting with a unique rock style, the band has grown into one of the industry’s most beloved girl groups within the scene.

Releasing hit songs and selling out tours worldwide. Dreamcatcher has become one of the most successful bands bringing a change in the industry alongside fellow artists DAY6 and more recently XDinary heroes in leading the popularity of band and rock music in Korea.

And now it has been 6 years since the debut of Dreamcatcher into the music scene, and now to mark this return the band have a comeback to pay tribute to fans, going back to their roots and creating a song that not only thanks fans for their support but also talks about their trials and tribulations in the industry.

Reminiscent of the sound to that in the song ‘Fly high’, the song shows just how strong the group have become in their 6 years since their third EP establishing a strong electrical sound the band has once again shown their strong mixing ability and a mixture of rapping and vocals as they like in ‘Fly high’ where they explore a darker concept.

As well as the style, the song is a throwback to a younger Dreamcatcher the music video very much matches the sound. An emotionally beautifully constructed video it follows the group’s journey throughout the six years from their first days debuting to touring the world it features special moments from fans and their hardships featuring moments unseen by fans before.

The music video is made for Insomnia to show their appreciation and just how much impact that fans have had on their career and getting them to this point, the music video is also perfect for new fans to get a deeper understanding of the band and their achievements.

Overall, this song is a truly beautiful song made for Insomnia, enough to bring a tear to your eye. It connects the hard rock style Dreamcatcher with the new in a beautiful love song and is perfect for all fans.


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