TARGET are a seven member boy group under JSL company that debuted on January 24th of this year.

The members are: Seulchan (leader), G.I, Zeth, Hyun, Roi, Boun and Woojin. G.I is the eldest member at 25 years old and the maknae is Woojin at 19 years old (non-Korean ages).

The group have released one EP – ‘Alive’, and one single album – ‘Is It True?’ The group have actually been active in Japan since 2017.

Prior to their Korean debut, the members released a few dance covers, including versions of BTS’ ‘Not Today’ and ‘IDOL’.

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TARGET have not had the chance to do an awful lot so far, but they have quite a few videos on YouTube that will help you get to know them better. This includes introductions, challenges and their own video series on their official YouTube channel.

[Pops in Seoul] We are Shot TARGET! TARGET(타겟) Members’ Self-Introduction

(ENG SUB) [IDOL Level UP!] TARGET, So nice! So cute! Mole Dance Time! (타겟 멋짐폭발! 잔망폭발! 두더지 댄스!)


BTS – ‘Not Today’ Dance Cover

BTS – ‘IDOL’ Dance Cover


‘Awake’ MV

‘Is it true?’ MV


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