Welcome back to this week’s Fun Story OTW! This week, EXO-K’s very own Do Kyungsoo has opened a new twitter account to which all EXO fans have been going wild over!

Or… have they?

April Fools!

Well, albeit a very late April Fools, it seems as if many people over the internet have been enjoying a very eventful April Fools day earlier this Tuesday 1st April. This story in particular had both fans and celebrities confused when a certain close friend of D.O’s decided to change his entire layout of his twitter account to the EXO member’s causing much bemusement for this cute and funny joke.

Super Junior’s Ryeowook, the culprit in question amusedly had everything changed from his profile picture to his tweets, posting a picture of Kyungsoo shown below, under the caption “Ryeowook-ee hyung, I love you ♡” fooling fans into thinking they were looking at the wrong account or that perhaps D.O had suddenly taken over Ryeowook’s twitter for a while.

Along with this Ryeowook also posted other prank tweets on the day as the EXO member saying “Baekhyun-ee, Heechul-ee hyung, fighting for radio!!!!^^ What is our Ryeowook-ee hyung doing?” and, “Hyun.Chul’s kiss the radio’s guest(,) Ryeowook ^^ 89.1~~ go go”. 

The day prior however Ryeowook said on Super Junior’s radio, Sukira Kiss the Radio “It’s April Fool’s tomorrow.. Everyone~ Don’t get tricked XD Eh… Don’t know what prank to pull so a bit troubled, and there’s bora tomorrow… Don’t know what to do~ Everyone please anticipate ~” It would seem Ryeowook did in fact think of an amusing joke to pull over his twitter followers that deemed successful in the end as he later posted the day after the prank “Gangsoo (D.O) is gone!! Instead of lies, let’s be honest from April 2nd ^^ E.L.F. I love you ♡”.

EXO are now in the midst of preparing for their upcoming comeback on April 15th with a mini-album and an exciting new concept! With teasers being released daily, it all concludes with the group’s showcase entitled the ‘EXO Comeback Show’ which will be streamed live through Samsung Music. Meanwhile alternitively, Super Junior-M after winning first in a Chinese music show are in the midst of promoting their newly released Korean version of their recent mini album Swing through various music shows in Korea.

What do you think of all the April Fool’s pranks that day?

Let us know what you think!

We’ll see you next week for another Fun Story OTW!


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