While K-pop is often perceived as being a compilation of cutesy and bubbly songs, there are definite divas on the scene! What do you make of these three divas’ fashion statements?

Ailee has been pitted as the ‘Korean Beyonce’, known for delivering lively performances with incredibly powerful vocals. This diva persona is sharpened here by her crisp white shorts and jacket that allow her to stand out under the stage lights and the embellishment of silver studs and jewels.  If this wasn’t dazzling enough, the feather tassles attached to the jacket really add a look of expense and elitism to this particular outfit. It takes the more simple items to another level by creating this sense of luxury. With a show-stopping smile and confident pose, Ailee retains her strong stage presence and effortlessly remains a true diva.


Miss A’s Jia shows a different type of diva fashion than Ailee above. Here she has opted for a more comfortable look but she still encompasses the confidence and glamour that the diva name demands. Firstly, the array of black and gold jewellery is layered on top of simple denim to add luxe and this is topped off with a collection of hair pins that, combined with all the jewellery, show how Jia is adorned with pretty accessories here like every diva should be! The pink t-shirt and hi-tops create a girly feel and the winking pose plus oversized denim jacket make this look feel very playful and cheeky. Jia exudes a modern confidence with her bold look!


Here, SISTAR’s Hyorin shows off a look that perhaps most of us would define as typical ‘diva’ fashion. An outfit encrusted head to toe in sparkling sequins and jewels, this look is really shining. Hyorin has created a very feminine looks that combines glitzy gems with more modest lacy fabrics and results in an almost ‘showgirl’ look with the corset-type bodice, not to mention the amazing stage backdrop! While the photo is obviously going to be very doctored, the way that Hyorin appears almost as glossy and glowing as the silky curtains behind her makes for an extremely glamorous and diva-esque look.


Which kind of diva style do you like the best? Bold like Ailee, playful like Jia or glamorous like Hyorin? Let us know in the comments below!


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