They got a mention in the EVE Weekly Idol post so why don’t we take a look at rock band Nemesis this time?

Nemesis are a pop rock/symphonic rock band consisting of five members. Originally on vocals was Baek Dae Hee before he was replaced by the current one Noh Seungho. There is also guitarist and backing vocals Jeon Gwiseung, lead guitarist and pianist Ha Sebin (who also helped out EVE with their music), drummer Jung Euyseok and bassist Choi Sungwoo.

They started off as a school rock band in 1997 and in 2003, Ha Sebin assisted project group EVE with compositions and guitar work for a few years before resuming activities with his original band. Nemesis‘s first album La Rose De Versailles was released in 2005 followed by a second full-length album in 2009 called Love Sick and a 2011 mini-album Part 1 The Piano. The group’s music may be considered pop rock but have a few loud tracks for the listener to rock out. They do provide a strong emphasis on orchestral music in the background here and there, thus presenting a symphonic rock sound.

Popular Songs


This is an intro song on the debut album.  
If you want to indulge in two minutes worth of orchestra music with fierce guitar riffs, do check this out.

La Rose De Versailles


Sad Love Waltz

Fragmented Love

Go Away

This is one of their recent releases and is a jump from their usual symphonic rock sound

A rock cover of SNSD‘s Gee

Why I chose Nemesis as Weekly Idol

This was a name that was often seen next to the likes of EVE. People kept pointing to the guitarist and pianist Ha Sebin because of his different hair colours, his long legs and rather crazy guitar playing. Like with EVE, I feel Nemesis was another source of melodic Korean rock music I could indulge during my most tiring days. Funky guitar riffs merging with classical music – I’m down with that. This band are still active and recently visited South America, as well as South East Asia for fan meets and intimate shows. I recommend Nemesis if you are familiar with the likes of FT Island.


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