Leg-a-licious! Kim Hyuna is the K-popstrel even your non-fan friends would probably recognise, as she was the ‘sexy lady’ PSY wooed in his global hit Gangnam Style.

As one of Cube’s girl group 4minute, at first glance HyunA fits the classic K-pop girl mold: long hair, even longer legs, ice-pale skin, and signature sexy wiggles that have earned her MVs some 19+ ratings. But a closer peek reveals a few surprises. She first debuted in 2007 as a main rapper with a totally different group and agency: JYP’s Wonder Girls. She left the band during its early success due to health reasons, including fainting spells – and has since said in interviews that she was battling depression at the time.

Undeterred, in summer 2009 she was back, with Cube and 4Minute, but her biggest success has probably been as a solo artist and in her outside collaborations. PSY handpicked her to be in his Gangnam Style vid, and released a ‘female version’ with her vocals called Oppa is Just My Style. Her other big collaboration in K-pop has to be Troublemaker, featuring B2ST’s Hyungseung. They’ve released two super-sexy singles, dubbed ‘All-Kill’ perfect pop collaborations.

Two other things you should know, facts about Hyuna’s body. Number one, she has several tattoos, including one on her right shoulder that says ‘My mother is the heart that keeps me alive.’ The tats aren’t under wraps, either – that one was visible on the promotional shots for her new album A-Talk.

Number two, her diet and exercise routine is widely known: always take the stairs, and avoid foods made with flour. Hyuna said that she lost 17kg following this routine, after a fellow celebrity compared her to Roo’ra’s Shin JungHwan. Well, if eating no flour and forgoing the lift for a bit means I can look anything like her in denim hotpants, I might just give it a crack.
Recommended MVs

Red – her latest release features spanking and some dubious banana riding

Bubble Pop – one of her catchiest hits, and the perfect K-pop wiggle bum dance

Troublemaker – her iconic and sexy pairing with B2ST’s Hyunseung

Ice Cream – PSY features, and it’s snagged over 58 million views

Oppa is Just My Style – the female Gangnam Style apparently, with PSY again






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