MR.MR member Tey has recently made his solo debut with the smooth and catchy single ‘Dangerous’. He has kindly participated in our [On The Radar] feature, and recorded a video message especially for his UK and European fans!

MR.MR debuted in 2012. They are a 5 member group that have released 4 singles so far, their most recent being ‘Big Man’ which was released last year. They often exhibit a very clean, chic and smart image, but they also give off a quite sexy, bad boy vibe through their music videos.

Tey has extended this style as he spreads his wings through the solo, however, it seems he is embracing an even edgier side for ‘Dangerous’! Check the MV out below if you haven’t already.

Without further ado, here is his video message for UnitedKpop readers!:

‘Dangerous’ also made an appearance in this week’s

What do you think of Tey’s solo release?
Would you like to see him come to the UK?


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