Welcome back to this week’s Fun Story! This week we have a new viral trend which has been around for quite some time now. However only recently has suddenly skyrocketed with the amount of attention it is receiving.

Yes. We’re talking about food.

But – not just any food. This food craze isn’t what one would normally think.

While some would think it’s a craze over a certain food, it’s only just the start of it. It’s a craze over food itself and watching people eat it.

The latest craze that has been rising in popularity has only recently been brought to light to the rest of the world’s attention. Mukbang translates to eating broadcast deriving from  먹(Muk) meaning ‘Eat’ and 방(Bang) from the word 방송(bangsong) meaning ‘Broadcast’ to which any K-Pop fans who watch any music shows such as Music Bank may be familiar with the word. It is a slowly growing internet phenomenon where those who enjoy eating rather immensely large meals will stream a live video of themselves indulging upon those meals for their viewers or subscribers.

The gastronomic voyeurism, or to put it loosely; ‘food porn’ sensation has reached the witty Fine Brothers of YouTube, familiar to the K-Pop scene having previously held a YouTubers react to K-Pop two times now, this reaction video is completely different.

But we’ll leave it to the video to tell you what they thought of some of Korea’s biggest Mukbang stars and even attempting to try doing their own Mukbang themselves!

Check it out below!



ABC News in America has written a brilliantly detailed article on the matter, offering a detailed insight to a particular Broadcast Jockey (or BJ) on what she does for a living doing Mukbang as well as the context of the craze. Do check it out here.


What did you think of their surprised reactions?

Do you think you could attempt something like this?

Why do you think its so popular?

Let us know in the comments!


Until next time for another Fun Story!



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