Welcome to Replay. Each month members of the UnitedKpop team will share their most replayed tracks of the month. In addition, this month we asked for your most replayed tracks too! Here are the picks for June.


BTS – DOPE:I’ve always liked the songs that BTS released since their debut, this isn’t any different! The chorus is super addictive and the song overall matches the colour of BTS.

READER – Jess also chose this track: I loved this song as soon as they released their latest album ‘화양연화 Pt.1‘ and now they have released a mv with perfect concept pictures and choreography to go with it. Pure perfection!- BTS never fail me, I love them.


SPEED – Don’t Tease Me!: I only found this song after seeing a clip of Bangtan Boys (BTS) dancing to it backstage, but I ended up quite liking the song itself!
It does sound quite a lot like a Block B track (Zico’s older brother Taewoon is actually a member of this group), but their talent is quite plain to see, especially in this awesome dance practice version.
Unfortunately, I don’t think SPEED get an awful lot of investment or attention compared to other groups, but they are definitely worth a look!


Mamamoo – Um Ah Oh Yeah: I love Mamamoo’s new concept and the humour in this song/mv. Their talent never disappoints!



CHLOE: Baek A Yeon – Shouldn’t Have: I don’t know why I replay this song it’s amazing I guess or it reminds me of my past stuff like <3

BEHIYE: Girls Generation – Catch Me If You Can: 


We’d love to hear what you think of our top tracks. Are there any other tracks you had on replay in June? Do you already have a July track on repeat?


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