Infinite’s Woohyun will be making his solo debut very soon, but back in March 2014 he was one half of Toheart, a cross-band subunit with Key from SHINee. Delicious was their playful debut track.

Objective: say you want to do something
Bonus vocabulary: to hold, to feel, to whisper, hand, ear, lips

Starting at 1:48 in the MV, Key sings:
I want to hold your hand = 너의 손을 잡고 싶어
I want to try to feel your lips = 입술 느껴보고 싶어
I want to whisper love in your ear = 귓가에 사랑을 속삭이고 싶어

Notice the ending for all three lines is the same = 고 싶어 go shippo
This verb ending means ‘want’ in Korean. We can add it to any verb, and as in previous verb conjugations, don’t forget to ditch the 다 da when you conjugate.

to hold = 잡다 chapda
want to hold = 잡고 싶어 chapgo shippo

to feel = 느끼다 nukkida
want to try to feel = 느껴보고 싶어 nukkyopogo shippo

to whisper = 속삭이다 soksakida
want to whisper = 속삭이고 싶어 soksakigo shippo

Bonus vocabulary
hand = 손 son
lips = 입술 ipsul
(side of the) ear = 귓가 kwika


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