SHINee‘s Jonghyun released his first full solo album this week. He’s come a long way since May 2008, when his group’s debut tune Replay was released: a classic that deserves many replays.

Objective: Learn how to say ‘to be troubled’; conjugate with ‘I guess’
Bonus vocabulary: to be pretty

5 lines into the song at 0:38 in the MV, you can hear all the members sing:
아마 그녀는 어린 내가 부담스러운가봐 Ama geunyeoneun arin naega, budamseureoungabwa
This translates to ‘Maybe you are troubled about by my young age’

to be troubled/worried = 부담스럽다 budamseureopda

It is being conjugated by the form that means ‘I guess/I assume’ = (으)ㄴ가 보다 (un) naka poda
Remember, to conjugate Korean verbs we have to ditch the ‘da’ (다)
Add (으)ㄴ가 보다 to make it ‘I guess/I assume’
부담스럽-> 부담스러운가보다

Throughout the song, the verb ‘to be pretty’ comes up again and again as the boys want to flatter their lady.
to be pretty = 예쁘다 yepuda
It can be heard in the song as 예뻐서 yeposo
We can also use the ‘I guess’ conjugation to say ‘I guess it’s pretty’.
Ditch the ‘da’ (다)
Add (으)ㄴ가 보다 to make it ‘I guess/I assume’
예쁘 → 예쁜가 보다

Get some more basic practice with saying things are pretty here.


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