Sibling duo Akdong Musician released their debut album Play, and the hopeful-tragic haunting melody of Melted in 2014. Along with a cinematic MV, it’s got some great vocabulary tucked inside.

Objective: Learn the chorus vocabulary including verbs to melt, to be warm, to come out, to be cold

Although the English title of the song is Melted, the hangul name is 얼음들 arumdul, which means ‘ice.’ It’s also similar in sound to the korean word for adults, 어른들 arundul, which means in the song, ice is used to represent the (cold, harsh) adult world.

Let’s look at the chorus. At 1:13 in the MV, you’ll hear:
얼음들이 녹아지면 조금 더 따뜻한 노래가 나올텐데- 얼음들은 왜 그렇게 차가울까 차가울까요?
arumdul eenokachiman chokum do ttatuhan noreka naoltandey- armdulun way kurohada chakaulka chakaulkayo?
roughly translated, this means: if ice (adults) melt a bit, a warmer song will come out – why does ice (the adult world) have to be cold?

ice = 얼음들 arumdul
to melt = 녹다 nokda
a little = 조금 chokum
to be warm = 따뜻하다 ttatuhada
a song = 노래 norey
to come out = 나오다 naohda
why = 왜 way
to be like that = 그렇다 kurohada
to be cold = 차갑다 chakapda


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