It’s curry! But not exactly as you know it. This has more of hearty stew look and taste, with a few warming spices.

Curry Rice is the name of the dish. It came to Korea via Japan, where the dish was introduced in the 19th century (and it’s still hugely popular in Japan today too!) A favourite of students as it’s easy to cook and share, Curry Rice has even been the subject of a special KBS drama. ‘Love may betray you, but the taste of curry never does.’ Indeed.

To make Korean Curry Rice, you’ll need 카레가루, curry powder. Ottogi is the most popular brand, and it comes in a variety of spice levels. Their ‘Vermont style’ has a sweet, fruity flavour that should please non-spice loving diners. See below for some places you can grab it online.

The rest of the ingredients are simple: potatoes, onions and carrots, and a choice of meat (beef is popular, but chicken or pork work too). These ingredients should be cut into chunks before cooking. Serve it up with some fluffy white rice.

Here’s Maangchi cooking it up

Why not watch the KBS drama while you eat?

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