MASC are a male K-Pop group that debuted under JJ Holic Media just last month! There are four members: WooSoo (leader), 26, A.C.E and HeeJae. The name ‘MASC’ is an abbreviation for the word ‘masculine’.

The group have debuted with the mini album entitled ‘Strange’ and a music video of the same name. They already have a strong presence across social media, so fans will be able to keep updated on them easily. They have also taken part in a Q&A session with Arirang where they answered many fan questions, as well as performing on ‘Simply K-Pop’.

Of course, the group have only just burst onto the scene, but there have still been some interesting tidbits revealed about each member. WooSoo is a composer of the songwriting team ‘Golden Hind’ and has won a badminton competition in Japan, 26 has education and experience in directing (having directed many indie films and commercials).  Member A.C.E was a cast member in the SBS drama ‘One Warm Word Behind’ (2014) and belongs to the underground rap crew ‘RASSAY SUNZ’ and HeeJae has education and experience in acting.

MASC seem to be making a good first impression, so hopefully they will continue on this road and gain much success!

Check out some of the videos below to get to know them better:

‘Strange’ MV

‘I Can’t Breathe’ performance on ‘Simply K-Pop’

‘Pops in Seoul’ – MASC Q&A


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