Bored of the same bulgogi burgers and ttebokki dishes? Perhaps it’s time to try one of Korea’s more acquired tastes, beondegi which is silkworm pupae. A snack so legendary even The Telegraph thinks you should try it before you die.

A by-product of Korea’s 4,000-year old silk industry, beondegi is easy to find boiled up fresh on the streets, or available in a canned variety at the supermarket for about 2,000KRW. They’re 100% protein and good served with a stiff drink (you may well need the drink for courage).

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The smell? One blogger described it as like ‘stiff and dirty socks’ and the larvae texture as ‘ridgy, salty and waxy.’ However, this blogger thinks they’re pretty yummy.

If you can get your hands on a can, this guy has some home recipe ideas.

Have you ever tried beondegi? Let us know what you thought.


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