Today, we are taking an in-depth look at VROMANCE’s recent MV release for ‘I’m Fine’.

The video focuses on an elderly photographer and a variety of goodbyes taking place. Two young boys separate at an airport, parents see off their son to the military, a young couple break up and the elderly photographer’s wife passes away. It is unsurprising then, that this content is communicated through greyish hues, mirroring the sadness.

However, the elderly man has managed to capture facets of joy in these moments through his photographs. During the first goodbye, one boy gives the other his toy, the son proudly salutes to his parents before leaving in the second, and there is a photo showcasing the separated couple when they were once happy together. This is rounded off by the photographer taking a portrait photo of his smiling wife before she passed. This shows that there are moments to be cherished even when sad times come along.

VROMANCE, I'm Fine, MV, MV Breakdown

A boy gives his departing friend his toy.

VROMANCE, I'm Fine, MV, MV Breakdown

A man salutes his parents as he leaves for the military.

The MV shows that sad events are an inevitable part of life, but that there are also good times to be had. The lyrics of the song compound this idea, and illustrate that time will pass and we will be able to move on, knowing in our hearts that there have been many joyful times as well as upsetting ones.

VROMANCE, I'm Fine, MV, MV Breakdown

The split couple during happier times.

VROMANCE, I'm Fine, MV, MV Breakdown

The elderly photographer takes a portrait shot of his wife.

At the end of the video, the old man transforms into the younger one shown separating with his girlfriend in the third scenario, displaying to the viewers that these moments were all actually his own experiences throughout his life. The underlying point that could be interpreted is that you can survive the tough times, and even need them in order to live a full life.


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