It’s the first SOTW of 2017, there’s been plenty of first generation K-pop artists making their return however we’ll be looking at the beloved sibling duo from YGE this week.

While the comeback was delayed, there is an undeniable bittersweet notion as Chankhyuk, one half of Akdong Musician, will be enlisting to complete his mandatory service, meaning that after their promotional activities come to an end, there will not be any new music from the duo for a good while.

“If I’m beside you
Just standing by your side makes me happy”.

AKMU’s title track ‘Last Goodbye’ is an acoustic song with sweet vocals expected from the pair, their harmonies as always are a lovely blend to listen to. The mood has shifted in comparison to their other tracks last year including ‘How Things Move’, the curious moodmaker song and ‘Re-Bye’ – which is somewhat alike to ‘Last Goodbye’ in the sense of talking about the end of a relationship. Though, with ‘Re-Bye’, it focused more on cutting off ties with people due to trust issues, the latter is much more sombre and mature.

‘Last Goodbye’ basks in the memories made and rather than holding onto negative emotions, the lyrics suggest that there is a desire to want to part on good terms. There’s the underlying desire of wanting the memories not to be tainted, but to be positive in the hopes of going back to how things used to be when they reunite. 

For this MV, it seems to return back to their debut style – though, without the awkward phase of Suhyun hiding from her crush, but she still remains adorable. The music video travels with each of the pair and their own love stories, highlighting the birth of their relationships with the highs and good memories. It continually goes back to AKMU singing together by the campfire, reminiscing. But what’s really caught our attention is when we’re approaching the end of the MV and the siblings are on their trek as they meet each other once again – almost hinting towards when they will be reunited when both are all grown up as we watch them walk out into the background. 


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