The original queens of SM Entertainment, S.E.S, are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year with new release Remember.

Here’s 12 things you should know about S.E.S!
1 There are three members: Bada, Eugene and Shoo.
2 The band name S.E.S stands for Sea (Bada’s nickname), Eugene and Shoo.
3 Their debut track I’m Your Girl was released in November 1997.

4 Shoo is also known as Yoo Sooyoung. She was born in Yokohama, Japan to a Korean father and Japanese mother. She’s fluent in both languages.
5 Bada’s real name is Choi Sunghee. She’s the leader and was the first member to be cast by SM’s Lee Sooman.
6 Eugene’s real name is Kim Yoojin. She spent some of her childhood in Guam, and sent her first audition tape to SM from there.
7 Remember is their 8th Korean album. The 7th, Friend, was released in 2002 so fans have been waiting a long time for this comeback.
8 The girls released Love [story] in December, a remake of their 1999 hit Love. The MV features some key moments from their history.

9 Bada and Shoo made an appearance on the KBS show Sister’s Slam Dunk last year. Min Hyorin revealed herself to be a huge fangirl of S.E.S.
10 S.E.S officially disbanded in 2003, due to problems with contract renewals. According to Eugene, SM wanted the girls to sign individual contracts, but they wanted to renew as a group, as promoting solo activities while in a group wasn’t common at the time.
11 Between 2003 and 2016 the girls solo activities included acting roles and musicals for Bada, beauty shows for Eugene and solo releases for Shoo.
12 Red Velvet’s 2014 song Be Natural is a remake of an S.E.S song.


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